Discovering the benefits of Value stream mapping can be a real eye opener – it’s a superb process for highlighting information and material bottlenecks within an organization.

For the uninitiated VSM is a process mapping concept that looks at mapping the material and information flows within an organization – it brings together process steps – data (such as inventory and lead times) and takt time.

However if you’ve not done any Value Stream Mapping before it can appear really daunting – and this is where looking at some examples can really be of benefit –

Firstly there are plenty of excellent books available which will take you uncover what Value Stream Mapping can do for your organization for starters be sure to check out the excellent Learning to see Value Stream Mapping to add value and reduce Muda by Mike Rother

Luckily the internet is also full of examples that can point you in the direction of what a finished value stream map should contain and how best to produce one – here’s some examples that should start you on your way!





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